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Over the centuries many sources of energy have been discovered, they made human life more bearable and productive.

The Solutrians found that Mammoth blubber burned with a clean flame. By blubber light their artists painted unforgettable images on the walls of caves in France 20,000 years ago. The Syrians of old built water wheels to aid agriculture 1000 years BC. Around Brouage on the French coast the people used the sun to dry salt in the marshes. The salt harvested was black. It was much sought after and called,” black gold”. When the forests in Europe began to disappear at an alarming rate coal came to the fore, only to be muscled aside by oil.

In the low countries on the North Sea windmills powered grindstones to process grain. Fast moving rivers were harnessed first for various kinds of mills and eventually hydro electric power.

Much of this energy did not need a fuel. Those that used coal / oil / natural gas depended upon fuels that were cheap, plentiful and widely available. Humans were the masters of all these forms of energy and turned same to their use.

To-day mankind around the world has become the slave of energy, especially Ontarians. Our energy system here is grotesque in its’ arrangement. If this system was fully explained to the citizenry they would not believe the extent of this monstrosity.

Energy monopolies have been created with the tacit approval of governments. Such constructs have been wildly cheered by the ad media. Big energy buys a lot of advertising space. Our move from master to slave has taken place of the last 50 years. However the tightening of the noose has only recently been felt. Now, we not only find ourselves to be slaves but the production of some energy now threatens the very planet we live on.

Populations worldwide are reacting to this crisis with alarm but they are finding few allies among politicians, the movers and takers and big business, especially big energy. In concert they strive to confuse and to plant doubts. This kind of harmful copy is a growth industry for the ad media. Solutions, a way out of this swamp are indeed available but are purposely hidden from our view. The ad media is paying a heavy price for this constant stream of misinformation. The penalty being extracted is beyond their comprehension. Readers / viewers are fleeing to the internet for the truth, the media can’t figure out why.

Rupert Murdoch said that people should have to pay for quality journalism. Right on. I believe that too but where is it Rupert? Certainly not in your publications. Newspapers are supposed to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. Rather they comfort the comfortable and are extremely well paid for the doing. Real news is that which the privileged want to hide from the public. All else is boilerplate and advertising.

To turn back the climate crisis we have to turn back the clock and look at those forms of energy that powered the world in an earlier time. This doesn’t mean that we dismantle the energy system we have to-day. It does however mean picking and choosing what works best to serve the INTERESTS OF THE PUBLIC EXCLUSIVELY.

That journey we, you and I embark on this day.

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